Spraymet has industry specific Technical partnerships to bring best of processes and advanced coatings to our customers:

Steel Mill CGL sink rolls :
Spraymet has exclusive technical agreement with Cincinnati thermal spray USA . for carbide coating and sealer application on CGL pot sink rolls. In addition to sink rolls, Spraymet offers carbide coatings for Bridle roll, deflector roll, tension leveler roll, coiler mandrels, etc

Steel Mill CGL Rollers, Cast sleeves and rider castings:
Spraymet has the exclusive distributorship agreement with Bukang Special Industries  for supply of:

Spares for CGL Line
Air Knife section spare parts; Sink roll, Stabilizing roll, Arm Bearing, Journal sleeve, Arm, Scraper, Metal pump, Snout and others

Furnace section spare parts; Hearth roll, Seal roll, Radiant tube etc.
Leveller section spare parts; Work roll, Back-up roll, Intermediate roll
Processing section : processing roll, Briddle roll, Chrome-coating roll, rubber roll etc.

HSM Line
Rider castings and Rider Pins for reheating furnace.

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